Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Whole30 Day 2- Things I'm Learning

Well, we have made it two whole days now on the whole30 and so far so good. Here are a few things I am learning/observing so far.

-I like to cook! It isn't that I haven't cooked in the past, it's just that the whole meal planning/"what sounds good to you?" thing has been overwhelming to me in the past. With so many options, I tend to get in a rut easily and make the same 5 meals on repeat. Cooking with less ingredients to choose from has been a breathe of fresh air! I have to use more creativity and I am trying new recipes which I'm  having fun with; but check back in with me on that in approximately 28 days, my answer is subject to change. 

*side note- I made homemade mayo tonight (Never thought I would say those two words in the same sentence) I was amazed at how easy and entertaining it was to make. Adding to my "to make again" list.

- I'm a pro at reading the "Ingredients" list. Also quite disgusted by how L.O.N.G. some of the lists can be, and how many things I can't pronounce. 

-My dishwasher has been busy. Cooking more from scratch with lots of veggie chopping and dressing making does add a few extra dirty dishes, but it really isn't that bad and I'm thankful for our dishwasher!

-I'm drinking my coffee more slowly.  Without all that cream and sugar, I am sipping instead of gulping and therefore enjoying the natural coffee flavor a bit more. Also, organic canned coconut milk makes a really great froth and I like it! 

-Using LOTS of garlic. I love garlic! before whole30 I rarely took the time to mince fresh garlic, but now I have my garlic out and ready to mince on a moments notice and it does enhance the flavor significantly.

-Drinking water isn't a chore. Now that I don't have other beverages to grab when thirsty or a stick of gum to chew when my mouth feels dry, or a mint to pop in when my breathe isn't up to par (see previous observation) I am voluntarily drinking more water! and I am really excited about that, because normally I am forcing myself to drink and it feels more like a chore than a privilege.

Alright friends, I suppose I will end here for tonight, I'll leave you with a few pictures taken from my kitchen in the past two days. Enjoy! Hope it has been a great Tuesday! 

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