Friday, April 25, 2014

The last few months in pictures...

Well, somehow three whole months passed me by without a single post. So in an attempt to feel "caught up" on our life happenings in the past fewmonths I decided to post pictures. 

Welcome to the fun


For Valentines Day I told Chase I would plan this year...A good opportunity to try something new! 
We ordered from Plated. (learn more here: Overall I think it was a fun experience.
  Days with this cutie pie are priceless indeed! Baking cookies, reading stories and snuggling are a few of our favorite things...              

 And When this sweet freckled face blondie isn't at school he joins in on the fun! Library dates are are another favorite around here...


                                                                OH SWEET SUNSHINE!
 Oh and how can I forget our escape to the sunshine! A week in Florida with family was lovely to say the least...we got to snuggle the cutie below too, which was equally ( if not more) soaked in than the sun!

 I also tried my hand at homemade granola for the first time...if anything at least the jar is cute.

We celebrated Chase's 25th Birthday in March! LOVE THAT MAN! Marley even got in on the fun;)

And in the begging of April....we still had we made our own version of Olaf from Frozen...

I had to add in a few of the first spottings of spring at our house... Flowers (from my lovely thoughtful friend) play many bright colors and fun, and drawer at a time.

Who wouldn't love these bundles of Joy?!? We had our sweet nephews over for a sleepover a few weeks back, so that mommy and daddy could celebrate 11 years of marriage...just the two of them, well sort of, mommy is expecting baby #5 in September:) As you can see we had plenty of sugar and giggles!

Oh and I also snuck in some time with these cuties! LOVE LOVE LOVE the smiles and joy they bring:) and the word on the street is that the boy in blue is turning 3 years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BOY! We so enjoy watching you grow up, our neighborhood would be way less fun without you!


We welcomed a second white couch into our home....obviously we don't have kids of our own yet...:)

Spring break from school, meant a day to play at "Miss Yindsey's" house. As you can see the kiddos weren't the only ones resting at snooze time.

Captured this on my drive to work a week or so ago...THANK-YOU LORD for sharing your creativity and beauty with us!

Last but absolutely not least....I came home from work this week to find these awaiting my arrival! He totally knows what will brighten my day!
 Whew! there you have it! I am feeling better already:)
I WILL be back soon.