Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall Happenings


If you know me even a little bit, you probably know that I LOVE fall! Something within me just bubbles over when I see the colors of leaves changing, and the sound of leaf blowers going, or sipping my very first pumpkin spice latte of the season! Ahh...I could go on and on about all of my favorite fall activities and recipes and traditions! Maybe it has something to do with being born in the fall that inclines my senses to be so overjoyed, I'm not totally sure, BUT there has been some SERIOUS fall loving going on here in the Hoffman home this season! (whether all parties of the Hoffman crew are as excited as the girl behind this post is up for debate:)

Life is busy, isn't it always? But one of my goals this season has been to try and take each day as it comes, cherish something new about each day and make the most of my "down" time. Certainly not always fulfilling this goal, but making an effort has proven successful on many occasions. I have found that when I pay attention and choose joy no matter what the circumstance, suddenly there is a shift on my entire day. The Lord provides so abundantly, especially on those days that you just want to say good-bye to! 

Time seems to be flying these days, a week goes by and I hardly remember how we got from Sunday to Saturday but I am convinced God's grace and strength plays a huge role! My Treasure of a husband Chase, has been working on overload these days, cramming for tests and working through homework assignments. All while working full-time and leading a group of guys at church, sacrificing his time again and again for the needs of me first and others as well. One thing that won't go unnoticed this season, at least in my book, is the beautiful picture of selfless love Chase has displayed. Never has he had more commitments, deadlines, and stresses; yet by God's amazing grace he has filled up my love tank like never before! I have realized how significant my prayers, as his wife, can be. And the Spirit has prompted me to pray obediently for Him like never before. SO thankful for the spirit's presence in my life, beyond grateful!

Prayer is Powerful, I have felt the call to pray fervently, frequently, and faithfully since I was a young child of the faith and I have been blessed by it one-thousand times over! This season is no different. As the days fill up and I am pulled in many directions, one of the things that brings my focus back, is prayer. Whether pleading on behalf of someone else, surrendering up my hearts sinful ways, praising God for who He is, lifting up my husband, or yearning for a deeper walk with the Lord Himself. Prayer has been my steady pace, in these days that seem to be sprinting me by. 

I hope you are finding something wonderful to celebrate this season, whether it's football games, the colors of fall, pumpkin carving or halloween candy! Here is to a beautiful season and beautiful relationships that make times like these precious! 

Oh, and just a little fall lovin' to close this one out!

Sunday Photo shoot, compliments of my talented bro Connor
 ...and you can hardly tell it was raining:)
 1st ever 1/2 marathon..DONE! Thanks to all my hubby's encouragement:)
 Ahh...cute mug and warm tea...soothing to my soul...and tummy!
 Farmers Market deliciousness...My model is even cute to boot!