Monday, June 8, 2015

I'm In Process

It's been a while.

If you are still reading, bless your dear heart! I am here. I feel like a broken record that has been left to repeating itself for months on end; but in all sincerity I am here, I adore each of you who choose to check back in and in a little while, I'll have more to offer you than just the broken record version of myself.

Really. I promise.

Somehow we are now ushering into the summer season and with it a slightly new schedule for me, which I'm grateful for. My days have been filled up lately, with so many good things, but I welcome this slight shift in my week.

I'm constantly working through what it is to be a good steward of all the things in life, and as of recent I've begun to act on the wave of change that is sweeping over me. My desire is that through all of this active change I will come out a better steward of some fairly important things God has entrusted to me. Let me also note, that this is the first time in a long while that I am on the front side of change. What I mean is that I am the driving force here. This time the change isn't happening to me, but the changes taking place, are the affect of what's happening in me.

This is new territory and I am learning with every step, every teeny tiny baby step ( I mean have you seen how fast newly walking babes walk?!?!).  This is a S.L.O.W. moving movement my friends!

I'm in process and I'm ok with that.

If i'm completely honest, this movement of change has felt liberating. Not at all because of me, but because of HIM! I'm so overwhelmed by the Lord's moving in my heart, I have No words to express just how overcome and undone I am becoming.

He is showing himself to me in deep ways, ways that illicit a need for change.

What sort of change you ask?

Well goodness me, I'm so glad you asked! Because I have pictures to help answer your question!

She Reads Truth. 

Have you heard of their ministry? If you haven't please go now and check out what they are passionate about! I've been so blessed by the hearts of these women and their call to make much of Jesus by encompassing the mission statement " women in the word of God, everyday." 

I am currently studying the women of the Bible, starting with the Old Testament, and I must tell you how refreshing it is to plant myself in The Word of God everyday and be in tears by the end, in silenced awe of how Magnificent He is!

This little wooden storage crate might not look like much to you, but to me it represents space to create. I have been whittling away at getting my home "office" set up and useable; and all of the lovely little colorful cards you see were stacked and stored in a box before being placed in this. The cards were neat and tidy yes; but functional? no. I'm thankful for little things like a container to hold cards, because it aids in my ability to be creative and pushes me to explore the gifts God has given me. That may all sounds a little over- the- top, but for me, if I can't see in front of me what I have, I will become a worse steward of those things, forgetting what I already have to work with and buying more when I already have plenty!

Which brings me to this huge pile of hoarding! 

I am at my breaking point. Seriously. You have heard me talk before about our closet situation with owning an older home, and the struggle to fit everything in, while being somewhat organized. Well, enough is enough is enough. No longer am I compliant to fill and fill and fill my closet full of things I half like or that sort of fit.

In the last three years I have slowly weeded through clothes from my high-school days, getting rid of things that were obviously no longer suitable for my wardrobe (doesn't everyone do this?). Sure pat me on the back, but not for long, because I have replaced those items and then some. LOTS. I'm not proud of purchases that I have made on impulse or out of a want for more. 

There is so much that has pushed me to my breaking point and maybe I can share that another time, but in a nutshell version, I'm here telling you all of this out of a desire to be a better steward with my money, space, and time. If I desire to give Him all of me, than I need to start doing just that. 

There will be more on this wardrobe shift. This isn't just your typical clothing purge. This is a new way of life for me, if I don't want history to repeat itself, then I must make some intentional choices. So stay tuned if you are curious, I am taking notes through this process and can't wait to share them with you!

Have you heard of it?

I had seen whispers of this on social media and mention of it from a friend or two, but never really researched it for myself, until a couple of weeks ago that is. You may or may not know that I struggle with some significant digestion complications, and because of that I have spent the last 5 years seeing Drs. and specialists in hopes to get to the bottom of it all.

For the most part I feel pretty good. Running has been a huge blessing for me in all of this, and I'm thankful that it has been such a help, but there are still days when I just know things aren't working in my body as they should. Even with several shifts in dietary consumption ( gluten and 90% of dairy taken out) I still take medication to aid in my digestion upset. This isn't all-together awful, but what if there was a fairly easy way to function more fully without the medication?

Enter whole30.

We started today.

Chase and I are committing to ourselves and each other (and now you) to see this whole30 plan through to completion. I'm taking notes in this area of my life too, and documenting the process, so check back in for more specifics of how the plan works out for us. I'm hopeful that eating only whole foods for 30 days will help level some of the unrest in my system. If that isn't the case, I'm ok with that too. So what, the worst thing that happens is that we eat only good for you foods for 30 days and then move on from there? Hardly seems like a "worse case scenario"to me at all, count me in!

What I'm mostly thankful for though, is a husband who is willing to jump into my world for a month and do this thing with me. He has always been a steady support in my health journey, but this, this whole30 thing, has taken his care and love to a whole (pun intended) new level!

There you have it! This is a bit of what I have been up to as of late. How about you? What is pushing you in your life today? Are there things you want to change to? I'm always up for a little companionship on the journey! I'd love to hear from you!

Wherever you find yourself today, whatever you are processing, I hope that your day has been blessed in a significant way!

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