Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rethinking Monotony

"Rain, rain go away come again another day."

I sang these words with a sweet little two year old serval times yesterday, as we looked out the window watching puddles form, and all hopes of a walk to the park wash away with the chalk on the sidewalk. Although it is a cute and catchy tune, I don't want my heart to wish away seemingly unwanted circumstances quite as easily or frequently as we sang this song wishing for sunshine.

It has been quiet here lately, but not because I have nothing to say. In fact the opposite is true. I'm in a space in life right now, where I'm exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. I feel emotional tonight even now as I type, but only in the best way possible. 

As I sit here, reflecting over the last month remembering moments, conversations, prayers, hardships. blessings, growth, and on and on. I'm overwhelmed by this sense of Awe for it all. Knowing that there hasn't been any major life crisis or big change in any of the last 30 days. Just mundane life that is really so much more than the ordinary label it wears the tag of. In reality the monotony of my day to day life is where the presence of the Lord has been and will always be. 

I don't have any major news to share with you, no big story or captivating title to reel you in. No big announcement or bedroom reveal (ha!) But I have Him. I have my consistently faithful Savior who continues to show up, and remain. He is in the little. He stays when I pull away, He never grows weary of my mess or forgets to love me. And that my friend is far more exciting than anything else I could be sharing with you tonight, or ever. 

I have experienced His faithfulness recently, in ways that I have prayed many weeks, months, and years for. There is nothing extraordinary about me personally. No reason I deserve to see His faithfulness so plainly, except for Jesus. Tonight I just simply write, to say that He is good in the ordinary. He is faithfully weaving all the things together for my good and His glory, even when the rain comes. Even when the days feel underwhelming. 

You see, I am learning that the closer I draw near and simply open my heart to Him; the more joy and understanding I receive. There are so many unknowns in my life. So many. But when I return to His truths everyday, it is easier to be satisfied with the mysteries of tomorrow. The more I focus on His presence in my day, the less worried I am about future uncertainties. 

I don't know what this day or evening has held for you, but I pray that whatever has brought you here to read these few words was worth it. Worth it, because the moments we have are a gift and I desire for this place to be something worthwhile. Meaningful beyond today or tomorrow, but for eternity. Whether it has been a rainy day of unmet expectations, or cloudy with no clear direction. Maybe for tonight we could together lay down our expectations and simply come. Believing that there is indeed an orchestrator to it all. That He is moving even when the process appears to be less than gradual.

Holding on to the truth that He desires to know us and reveal Himself to us. 

Singing out this new heart song together:

"Rain rain come or go, Jesus is my hope I know!"

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  1. This is such an encouragement. I love your words, Lindsey. Thank you for sharing them!