Friday, April 10, 2015

Joy For Today

Well Hello there!

 I sure hope your day has been lovely and full. Not just running around busy full, but joyful. I am ever learning to search for the joy, no matter how many things claim priority in my day. I have to intentionally look at my lists, agendas, and plans in a foreign way. Some days I literally have to speak to my lists and say:

"You do NOT control me." 
"My joy doesn't come from you." 
"If I don't accomplish you today, it's ok and I can still choose joy." 

Anyone with me? Anyone?

I am discovering in these days, where the world seems to be getting louder, that sometimes my heart whispers just aren't loud enough. This explains the audible self-coaching. Sometimes the lists and projects just don't get accomplished or finished on schedule. for example, the guest bedroom reno that has yet to be completed. 


It will get done, I promise! (talking to myself here) 

But these few issues get in the way. 

 1.) I can see ALL the projects that I want to do around the house, and I haven't yet mastered the ability to tell them no, or even not now. So what do I do? That's right, I start ALL the projects at once, thinking that somehow this is sensible and will aid in my project completion efficiency. Don't even ask how I came to this conclusion. I am now aware it makes no sense at all. 

2.) I am a bit of a detailed, OCD, freak. I want all the things to be just right before I declare the project a success. (This is waning some, but I don't yet have children so a bit of the perfectionism energy still holds a strong root.) 

3.) Well, life. the fact that I don't spend a whole lot of time during the week physically in my home, unless sleeping; proves difficult in the project completion area. 

Together with these things and my constant battle of finding joy in Christ and not in my accomplishments, means that lately things are getting accomplished at a slower pace. Which is a good thing. A good thing, I preach to myself. It means that there is some fight happening on my end. 

I'm fighting for Christ derived Joy. True Joy, and it's worth it. I am learning friends. However gradually the growth, I just have to remind myself that it is growth. 

So, with all of that in mind, why not share a couple completed projects and uncompleted projects as of recent? Oh, and just so we're clear, my husband pretty much tackled the big stuff, while I worked on the less daunting, less intensive fun things. Don't even get me started trying to explain how HE has more time than I do, because he doesn't. He just loves me well. Really well. 

Here is a look at our bedroom closet. I have never been witness to a closet in this shape before. All I can justify it's dysfunctional layout to, is that we have too much. We have become accustomed to "needing" (read: wanting) too much. The closet was obviously built to hold less. I applaud the simple couple who built this house, I want to be more like them. But for now, as we work through all that, we will manipulate the space to hold more...



 I would like to take this moment and say, "Thank-you Ikea for supplying the means for us to add more clothing to our closet and suppress the outrage against unorganized spaces." Truth is, I have another problem that happens to trump the live on less saga. I will call it disorganization induced anger syndrome. Oh goodness, sounds like I have a whole lot more to work on, than just finding my joy in getting things done.

Moving on.

The other day I found two of these trays in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby. At first glance they were obnoxiously vibrant for the look I wanted, but then the vision came to life. So for a total of $15.00 and a little bit of effort,  I was able to get the look I wanted for less.



Now for the things that are in the works...There will be more on these projects soon, or at least sometime in the not so distant future if I'm being completely honest.

The back entryway...

 Our Master Bedroom...

My office/craft room...

Also, not pictured, the ever lingering guest bedroom:)

 I'm glad you stopped by today, so truly grateful. Thank you for putting up with my ramblings. I sure hope you could read beyond all of my talk, and see into my heart. If there is anything you walk away with, let it be that I am a work in progress who doesn't have it all together at all. But even more than that, let it be that My Savior is so much greater than all my weaknesses, and loves to no end. 

Embrace the time given you in the next few days, I will be doing the same. These house projects are a fun outlet for me, but also a reality check to keep me accountable to my hearts affections. I am taking a step back this weekend. I wish I could say it was an intentional step away. 

It isn't

But it does mean, that we get to celebrate the love of our friends as they vow forever and always to each other. I adore weddings! It is sure to be a beautiful and joy-filled celebration! Even as I sit here, I am becoming increasingly grateful for planned time away to be still from the doing, and focus more on the being. 

House projects will always be there. Time with friends celebrating love and life, won't be. 

Be blessed my Friend, and happy weekend!

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