Thursday, January 8, 2015

Today Won't Last Forever

You know those last few moments before you drift off to sleep?

Your mind is switching gears, slowing down and preparing to re-energize. Sometimes, not very often, it happens to me in those moments that my mind rests in a memory. My eyes are closed, body relaxed and suddenly I am back in my childhood.

Last night as one of these childhood memories swept over me, I was on my bike in the side yard of my parents house, breaks pressed and looking for cars before I made the loop on the road and back up the driveway. I must have traveled that humble route hundreds if not thousands of times as a child. Is that why it felt so real last night?

I could smell the grass, feel the rubber hand grips and see my skinned up knees from the occasional fall. The sun was shining and the tree leaves whistling in the gentle breeze.

The moment felt rich.

All those days of repeated play and activities. Back then only mundane tasks. Today a beautiful moment.

Isn't that how the LORD wants us to live? Doesn't He want us to view life through the eyes of our past? To treasure today like we will treasure it in ten years?

I believe He is indeed entrusting us to savor our moments. The mundane unordinary moments. The ones we wish away and plead to go.

As I type, I'm sitting in our house, quiet of voices and loud of furnace wind and creaks. I don't want to take this moment for granted as it passes me by. This isn't some mundane moment in time to wish away as I worry myself silly hoping my husband makes it home safely in this snow storm that surrounds me.

This is a moment to remember. A moment to give thanks and rest in my Saviors faithfulness. A house quiet of voices is my reality today, but not forever. Riding my bike, days on end was my reality years ago, but not forever.

Wherever you find yourself today, choose to savor it. If your moments from today have been undoubtedly beautiful and blessed, embrace them and cherish them! If todays moments find you weary and undone, search for the beauty.

Call upon your Rock, He is listening.

He loves You.

Today won't last forever.

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