Friday, December 19, 2014

Before and Afters- Full Bathroom

Twas the week before Christmas and the weekend is here!

What a week it has been, here on 24th street. Nothing short of miracles taking place around me this advent season. It has been one of those seasons, where you just sit in awe of all that God is doing in your midst.

I truly hope this season has been a sweet one for you too! Wherever God has you tonight, my prayer is that you and I would rest in Him completely. Let's soak up the moments around the table, fireplace, and christmas tree together; as we gather with the ones we love. Let's relish in the gift of moments unhurried with spirits of thanks.

My gift to you, as promised, is our bathroom makeover. This transformation was runner up to the Kitchen as far as our house renovations go and I think the pictures speak it quite well!

Hope you enjoy!


On the left of the bathroom as you walked in, was a built in shelf cabinet which made the entrance rather tight...needless to say we took care of that with a little demo.  

Two spots for soap, but no outlet...this was a problem!

The pink tiles were rather difficult to chip off the wall, and didn't compliment the flooring all that well. 

The pedestal sink was a gem, but no room to get ready in the we had to say good-bye. 
 Now for what our bathroom looks like today...


New tile flooring that we found discounted cheap! When you only need a very limited amount, you can find inexpensive yet good quality product easier. See, there ARE perks to smaller spaces!


No more built in that squishes you on your way in. Also notice that our shower has white tile (compliments of my dad) 

 Well, there you have it!

I am a firm believer that most every space has the potential of radical transformation. Typical bathroom renovations can add up in a hurry. Although we replaced practically everything but the tub in this room, we didn't break the bank. Get creative with the resources you have, ask around and jump into the mess yourself as much as you can.

I'd be happy to share ideas of what that looks like, all the way down to purchasing the mirror/medicine cabinet off the display floor ( Disclaimer: displays AREN'T always better, but sometimes they are.)

More to come on this home tour, but for now, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you!

Have a very blessed week of Christmas!

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