Tuesday, January 7, 2014

On New beginnings


Welcome friend, come on in, sit down and get cozy...it sure is a winter wonderland out there! Today I just needed to write. About anything really. In fact I opened up this page a few different times, but after pondering and debating what post from (the hundreds) mixing about in my head, I busied myself with other household tasks. Until now, I think I am finally settled on where this is going.

This "New Beginnings" post is already a week overdue, in regards to the New Year, but Necessary all the same. As many of you, I welcome in the newness of a fresh start. Although after years of looking at a new year and proclaiming some ridiculous, unattainable resolutions and failing miserably on several accounts ( at least by my standards) I faced this new year of 2014 with apprehension.

When the new year came, after counting the seconds down and turning to give my love a "New Years Kiss" The single thought that stood in my mind (besides what a good kisser I married) was, "Oh, oh wait! I never made a resolution for the new year!" Seriously?!? Yup, that was the very first, single most important thought that I had in my head.

Coincidentally because of that unintentional stand alone thought, I knew just then what my resolution for 2014 must be. I am sure you are just DYING to hear what it is...right? Even if not, I am going to share, because it does me good to put it in writing. Here it is: Be Intentional. 

I know those two words could be lived out in so many ways, a broad perspective, and that is exactly my goal to let it encompass my whole life, every facet.  A year from now I want to read this post and be able to list all the ways that I intentionally did something and then saw God working in my actions the whole way through. I don't want to set myself up for failure, no I don't, but I am going forward with the expectation this year, that at times yes, I will fail. I may have a rough day or week, but as long as I lean on the grace of my faithful Savior who NEVER EVER FAILS, or leaves, or Ceases to love, I will have met my goal.

I believe in January of 2015 once I have a whole year of  Intentionality under my belt,  I will be amazed at who my GOD is and how He carried me, loved me, and showed himself to me (even amidst my own shortcomings). What I won't be focused on is the times I failed, the people I let down, or the things I may have accomplished in my own strength.

So there. My New Years Resolution. Oh and part of that intentionality thing is this blog. I want to be more intentional about writing about my life, here and now. In hopes that It can be a time capsule for any future children God may bless us with, or a place to remember the different seasons of life God has brought me through. I hope along the way that this space can be an encouragement to anyone willing to listen! SO expect to be seeing more of me this coming year.

Time for a picture:

Tonight, Chase and I are going through this jar,,,I am pretty excited to reminisce over all that happened in 2013.
One final hurrah before fully embracing all that lies ahead in 2014!

 Stay warm, live loved, and see you soon!

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  1. My favorite former babysitter. You're so grown up now!