Monday, November 25, 2013

Hot Cocoa, Bobble Heads & Snow Fall...

"SNOW! It's here!!!"

 Yes, this is what came out of my mouth as I woke up Saturday morning. The first true, roof top-lined, grass-covered snow fall of the season and all at once I was a kid again, filled with amazement! I do love the beauty of each new season and the refreshed joy it brings. In a few short weeks, I will be craving warmth and sun-kissed cheeks...But for now, I am content with the white fluff that has taken over 24th street and all of Holland.

Part of the excitement as I peered out of my frosted bedroom window Saturday morning, was because of the Hot Cocoa party set to take place that afternoon. It was the perfect excuse to try my hand at homemade Hot Chocolate and fill our house with some very special 8th Grade girls who I am privileged to invest in. 

We had a lovely afternoon enjoying each others company, all while sipping sweet chocolatey goodness, fighting with the ice machine on the fridge (is there a "slow flow" option?) and playing the ever popular Apples-to-Apples. What a blessing to spend a cozy Saturday afternoon with so much laughter and beauty! 

 Aren't they BEAUTIFUL?!? LOVE them!

The makings for our traditional party treats...

Hot Chocolate Bar.....mmm.....I can still feel the steam rising from my cup and the laughter in the air...

And now that you are wishing you had a cup of Hot cocoa, tea, coffee or anything warm for that matter, Let me leave you with this picture...

We were out and about last night, and came across these Duck Dynasty bobble head characters! We had some good laughs and as you can see Chase was enjoying himself:) My favorite detail, was that Uncle Si's grey beard had some ice tea stains on it! 

Hope this snowy or sunny day (depending on where you are blessed to live) is off to a great start! My heart is filled this morning as I remember the memories made this weekend and anticipate Thanksgiving later this week. So so so much to be thankful for EVERY day! I am excited  for a day of  "rest" to acknowledge all that I  am grateful for during the other 364 days a year! 

Blessings to you my friend, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK!

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