Friday, January 10, 2014

At Least We Won't be getting anymore Bats...

It was 6:10 and I was standing in the Olsen's kitchen making dinner. (We are staying with their 3 little munchkins this weekend so mommy and daddy can get some MUCH deserved R&R) so there I was trying to spell the word Michigan out to Emme, as she wanted to surprise Mr. Chase with a U of M flag on her coloring phone began to ring and I noticed it was Chase (YAY! ...he must be on his way here for dinner) as I was still spelling the letters out to Emme, "M-I-C-H-.....Hello?"...... "Hey babe, I just got home and..." 

The and was all I needed to know that something wasn't right. Chase went on to explain that when he got home he discovered the little roof over-hang that used to stay perched above our back door, was no longer where it should be. Instead it was a crumbled mess in our snow covered yard. Oh and then that small leak we noticed in our guest bedroom last night, (and tried fixing) was now a tropical rain storm, and leaking down to the basement as well. 


My initial thoughts were less than ok and miles from grateful. Chase sounded so relaxed and at ease, if I were the one who discovered the winter crime scene, I can guarantee I would have been on the other end in a panic, words a jumbled mess. 

The calmness in Chase's voice was just the thing I needed to hear. I snapped out of my frantic worried self and into who I really am at the core. A daughter of the King, loved, safe, and not in control. Worrying wasn't going to help a thing. Instead I finished up gathering necessary details with Chase, urging him to call with progress and then hung up. 

Next I did the only thing I knew to do. I gathered the kids and explained that we needed to pray for Mr. Chase as he cleans up/fixes a mess at Miss Lindsey's house. ( If anyone can understand a "house mess" it was the very children standing in front of me, but that is a long story...right Cherie?) There we were, the four of us heads bowed, hands folded, hearts believing that our God is in control. This little inconvenience was nothing short of just that, an inconvenience. No one was hurt, nothing was too terribly damaged, and God brought the right person home at the right time. 

God knew I needed a lesson in trust today. He always knows just what I need. A few extra moments to acknowledge His love, to surrender to His plan and worship His name. Some days you just need a little inconvenience or interruption to be reminded what this life is all about. Today, it was my turn. 

Thank- you Lord!

Oh and on a lighter note, we won't see anymore bats waiting under the over-hang to get into our house! I am NOT complaining about that one little bit :)  Stay tuned for a picture and conclusion to this post in the near future...but for now....Happy Friday! Have a very blessed weekend!

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