Thursday, January 30, 2014

Polar Vortex and such...

Well, we are a couple of weeks out since our house began to fall apart....well pieces of the house that is (refer to previous post). Honestly not a whole lot has changed besides-oh yeah, that our ceiling in the guest room (where there was a small leak) decided to fall down- meaning down drywall, insulation, water, the whole nine yards.

Oh and it gets better, this all happened RIGHT. IN. FRONT. OF. US.  Almost as if it were trying to throw it in our face. Why else would your ceiling fall down at 6 in the morning before a gym workout, while you are both standing in the hallway to witness it firsthand- seriously?!?!? This house we gotta love it- Or at least that is my endless chant.

Still I can NOT complain. Just a repair. No one was hurt. Nothing tragic. -my other chant about this snow. It is very pretty really it is, AND all the kids in school are happy because it has been a week since they had school last. As for me, my love of snow days went out the window when I received my high-school diploma and became a Nanny. You do the math. Oh but don't worry, I still love how magical it is to the kiddos on the receiving end- well at least for the first couple of snow days that is!

I just continue to remind myself that this too shall pass and until then I might as well make the best of it. Oh and knowing that a vacation to somewhere warm is in my near future doesn't hurt one bit. Maybe if I start packing now it will come sooner...

Here is to another day of embracing this winter wonderland, praying safety over all of us weary winter travelers, and looking forward to running outside again....someday...I hope!

 Anyone with me?

Aftermath affects of the polar vortex...I guess an 80 year-old house can only handle so many Michigan winters before it caves I suppose.

God's beauty...worth it all!

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  1. So sorry to hear that! Oh what a project. I do hope things will get better soon! love how you keep counting your blessings:)