Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Whole30- Day 30

Well folks, we have arrived!

Today is our last day on this whole30 adventure.

In T-8 hours Chase will be having his ever anticipated non-whole30 midnight snack, a well deserved one at that! I am mostly just amazed that he managed to go without all the things for 30 whole days! (pun-intended) We even made it through 4th of July celebrations, birthday parties and family gatherings without giving in.

So proud.

I would say that the last 15 days were much easier all around than the first 15. There were several days of food boredom, and no-sugar-headaches, but I wouldn't trade those things for the process. We are both feeling good, but the biggest victory goes to my digestive system. I'm sure I've bored you enough with the details, but the outcome of the last 30 days has helped me so much. I'm just beyond thankful that I can function normally and in a natural way.

Going forward, Chase will resume adding in those grains, carbs and dairy for snacks and lunches, but my goal is to continue cooking our dinners with a whole30 mindset. As for me, I have had such a positive outcome that I hope to continue eating this way long term. Every few weeks I will add in something new for a "test phase" to see how my digestive system responds to it. I think I have a pretty good idea what those trigger foods are for me, but I am also curious to see how my body will respond one food at a time.

I'd love to share more of our experience with you, if you are interested in hearing the details. Feel free to leave questions in the comments.

Here are a few last pictures from our whole30 kitchen before I close this one out. Thanks for following our journey. I hope it has been insightful or at the very least amusing.

And last but not least...Chase's post-whole30 midnight snack:) 

I hope you all have a very blessed night!

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