Friday, November 21, 2014

Living Room: Before and After

Hello Friends! 

It is OH SO good to see the sun shining today, I hope it is shining by you too! 

As some of you may have read, our house is going through a little reno do to last winters ice damage. We are nearing the end of the renovations ( just painting and decorating left to do!) so in honor of the current fixing up going on,  I thought some of you might like to see some before and after's of our house, since we moved in 2 years ago, until the present. 

At the end of this series of before and After's I will reveal the dining room and guest bedroom transformations. that are currently underway. I am getting excited just thinking about it, which is why this post series is pretty much just a glorified motivation speech for myself! 

Hope you Enjoy!

 This picture was taken just after the hole was cut into the living room/ dining room wall, you are looking into the dining room from the living room in this picture.
 This was post- paint and a few pieces of furniture, pretty much everything you see here was given to us, I have to smile at this picture, because my color choices and style has changed so much, but I also smile, because it is such a practical example of how blessed we were and are.
 Before our entertainment center was installed, I LOVED reading here...
 Front entry...


 Ok, now for some after shots...or present day shots....Christmas is just around the corner, so soon there will be a tree involved...

Again, so many things in this picture, given or repurposed. Trust me when I say you can do A LOT of change on a little budget! 
 New and improved reading nook...
Remember that hole in the wall??

 The entertainment center (still needs door knobs, will post when I find the ones I am envisioning)

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of our living room, stay tuned for the next room on the tour, 
coming soon!

Have a blessed day!

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