Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's The Holiday Season

Yes, we are fully into that time of year again, when the stores are filled with tinsel, ornaments, candy canes, Christmas trees, wreaths, and the Jolly music to boot!

I do LOVE this time of year, and all of the traditions that come along with it, but a part of me dreads it when the season begins again...I am not here to point fingers at others or judge their wrongs, or rant about how so many take for granted the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Today, I simply come to share my own sinful heart that needs confession, repentance and restoration.

When I say, that I LOVE Christmas, I DO! I am one of those who has the Christmas music blaring mid-November, and who puts the tree up as soon as Thanksgiving is over. I love shopping for family and friends, baking all the treats, decorating the cookies, and sipping the hot cocoa. So why do I dread this time of year? Part of me says I am CRAZY for even mentioning the word dread in the same sentence as Christmas, but there is a stronger part of my heart that knows why.

I am THAT person who sometimes, ok MANY times forgets the TRUE meaning of Christmas. I get so wrapped up in all of the activities and traditions, that I too easily lose focus of what it's really about. Even in my "good deeds" my heart is sinful! I should be more excited to spend time each day with my Savior, then how into and excited I get over the "Americanized Christmas" I choose to celebrate.

Recently I have been so overwhelmed with how unpleasant my heart is. Even in my sin Christ loves me. Jesus came to earth, and suffered terrible and even unthinkable torture so that I could live! This is the time of year, when our MAIN goal SHOULD be to celebrate his life. Jesus lived a PERFECT life, He deserves all of my honor, appreciation, satisfaction, love, admiration, time, praise and SO much more!

When I think of Christmas my mind should automatically think of Christ, but usually I think of beautifully decorated trees, and neatly strung lights, and creatively wrapped gifts. Why is that? Why can't I steer away from that misconception?  Is it possible to enjoy all of the "things" of Christmas but still keep Christ first? I believe the answer is yes, but keeping Christ first, during the season of Christmas isn't a yearly ritual that comes for a season and leaves when it's over. No, keeping Christ at the center of Christmas, means keeping him the center of my life. My daily, everyday, moment by moment life.

So here I am, facing another moment of ordinary day to day life, as the season of Christmas draws near. I have a choice. I can use today, to focus on myself and even others, but that will only drain my joy for the days to come. My lasting, desire is that I would walk through the rest of my moments today loving, speaking, doing, praying and being ALL FOR HIM!

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