Friday, October 3, 2014

Race Day: An Inside Look

Chase and I ran the Park2park 1/2 marathon last Saturday and it was a gorgeous day to say the least! I am still in awe of how lovely it was, especially for the end of September! This was our second year participating in this race and I speak for myself, but I hope to run it again next year and the year after that, because by then it's practically a tradition right!?!

Running roughly 200 miles while training for this race, adds up to several hours of alone-in-my-head- time. To be honest with you, those hours have been some of the most Spirit moving hours I've experienced in the last several weeks. Something happens when you get quiet, with no spoken words or vocal conversations. The Spirit moves. This is something I've touched on before and I could go more in-depth still, but there will be plenty of posts like that to come!

Tonight I thought it would be fun to give you a quick little snapshot of what was going on inside my head, mile by mile through the 1/2 marathon. I have always been rather curious what goes on inside the mind of a runner, and gets them from the races start all the way to its finish line. Hopefully You've been equally as curious, because ready or not here my thoughts come!

Mile 1: Horn blasts, everyone cheers, runners EVERYWHERE. (I have always loved the adrenaline that comes with the start of a race, but NEVER the congestion.) Turning up my Toby Mac radio, sending Chase a swift "good luck" with my eyes and we are off. Now, literally 10 seconds past the start and as I look to my back right someone has already fallen down. Immediately I feel for her, my heart says make sure she gets up but my runner legs and mind say, "keep going and watch your step otherwise you're next!" And so here we go!

Clarification: When you see the word "we" from here on out,  I'm not even sure who I am referring too, occasionally it's Chase and I, other times all runners are included and then in some moments it's just me and myself. Try not to judge, remember this is a completely raw and unedited version of what took place in my head as I went! Ok back to the race...

Mile 2: We are really doing this, we have less than 13.1 miles to go, woohoo! I am thankful the beginning chaos has lessened some, but we are all still running a little close for comfort. I can still hear and see many people cheering us on.

Mile 3: I feel like we found our pace, and I have a my personal bubble back. I hear the runners around me talking, Chase is smiling and we are right with the 8:00 Minute pacers. The sun is starting to peak through the clouds.

Mile 4: Rolling up my sleeves, we are now in Waukazoo woods ( my old stomping grounds) and I feel right at home. ~Mile 4 is the first time I spoke during the race, and all I had to say was, "My parents are right up this dirt road, I mean their house is, not them right now." Literally that is what I said word after confusing word.

Mile 5: WOW mile 5 already? starting to feel that I am running. We are over 1/3rd of the way done. Sun in full force, still behind us at this point. Now headed towards the State Park, we see Kellen (our FAST friend!) coming OUT of the State Park on our way IN. We yell to him like crazy people with fists in the air, he sees us, I'm satisfied.

Mile 6: Water, beautiful fresh lake water. I LOVE running on/near the beach, I'm in awe. Must keep running, taking several mental snapshots and hiding them away. The sun is blinding, now exiting the beach and back to reality. I see my strong friend Lisa cheering us on. ( she was a serious shot of encouragement to me several times on the race course. LOVE you friend!!)

Mile 7: Well, the 8 minute pacers left me in the dust but my tracker says I'm still averaging under an 8 minute mile, so I am confused. Ah, shade! back into the woods on Lakeshore and extremely happy! Over half way through! You can do this Lindsey! come on, keep your next mile under 8 minutes, breathe in, and out. Keep a steady pace.

Mile 8: Ok, the shade was great for the first 5 minutes, but now my soul needs the sun. Where is everyone? Running by myself for the first time, I'm hitting my wall, need to break through. It's dark, I'm tired and I NEED some serious motivation. "Pray." Who Lord? Who do you want me to pray for this mile? I'M THE ONE WHO NEEDS PRAYER! " Listen Daughter, quiet your thoughts." Ok Lord....Silence..... Oh,yes she is going through a dark lonely (at times) road of life right now, kinda like me out here on mile 8. Ok Lord, I'll pray!

Mile 9: Approaching Tunnel Park, I think? yes, I hear and see people, I'm almost there. The question is to stop at the bathrooms or not? I did last year, but I really don't have to go....but this is my last chance before the finish. Ugh...make up your mind Lindsey! Pull yourself together. No. I'm not stopping. DEEP BREATH. Please Don't fail me now bladder!

Mile 10: Oh these neighborhoods again?!? Last year I wanted to walk here, Oh I needed to so bad. STOP stop that silly talk, You got this, that was then, this is now. FOCUS! Oh good, new song, yes! I love this one! awe look at all the people at the end of their driveways.....if they only knew....yep, yep smile and nod, smile and nod.

Mile 11: I'm really doing this. less than a 5k left. Time to focus, really focus. Here come the tummy crummies, fight through it! One step at a time. Oh is that Lisa again? yes I think so, YES it is! She has her phone out, oh boy! better look happy, smile. wave. thumbs up. What did she just say? " You got this, you're doing awesome!" I needed to hear that, right this second. How did she know? Thanks Lisa, I'll find you when I can breathe again and give you a hug!

Mile 12: Back to the woods I go, no stopping now. Oh a water station, wonderful! These people look really happy AND wet. Thank you water people, you all get  a A+++ in my book!

Mile 13: LESS than a mile! Oh I sure hope I run through the finish line, my legs are really feeling it LORD HELP me sprint to the end, praising you! Here is the gate, oh man, everyone can see me, open field, running on the grass...grass? why is the finish in this grass and gravel?? Oh well, I am ALMOST done! bananas here I come! closer, closer, ok sprint Lindsey, sprint with everything in you! It's here! the FINISH! Raising my fist, pointing to heaven, THANK YOU LORD FOR CARRYING ME THROUGH!!

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