Thursday, March 15, 2012

March showers, bring BEAUTIFUL FLOWER....girls

The picture says it ALL! She is in all her glory, and can NOT wait to wear this dress for Miss Lindsey's Wedding! I can't believe the wedding is only 4 months away! WOW! That reality brings so many emotions....

EXCITEMENT....I am so thrilled and anxious to begin life with my future husband! He truly is the LOVE of my life, he is always reminding me what is so precious and wonderful about this life, as he continuously points me to our awesome Savior. Chase loves a good adventure, and always has time for a  laugh. He loves me and makes me feel beautiful, EVEN when my hair is pulled up and I am worn out from the busyness of life.

EXHAUSTION and ANTICIPATION....something with the theme "wedding" is ALWAYS running in my mind. Along with the other thousands of daily thoughts, ideas, and tasks that need to get accomplished. Like every normal person, I have lists, sticky notes, mental notes, planners, calendars, emails, voicemails, deadlines, phone calls, and commitments....But when you add that all together, with planning a wedding, and searching for a house.....the chaos erupts! And then in the midst of it all, I hear that still small voice, as it whispers... "Be still my child, and know that I am God."...I am your strength, come to me when you are weary and worn-out, I will give you rest." Ah....Yes.....breathe in his grace and breathe out his love......

...And steal a few more glances at the joy and innocence of this adorable (soon-to-be) flower girl....:) 

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